viernes, 23 de octubre de 2009

Interview: Miss Rosita Flores

  • What is the most exotic trip that have you realized?

"When I went to Gran Saranah to the southem of Venezuela. It's exotic because of it's nature present there rivers, falls come to give a very nice landscape".

  • What was your mativation for studying english?

"I was encouragest to study language since I was a child. I liked languages and I started studying translation, German, French and English of course. I think, I gathered two things wich are hability and like".

  • What is your favorite pet? Why?

"My favourite pet are the cats, because they are indepent - clean - they aren't noisy! When they have to get something, they will do it with patience and step by step, but they get it!".

  • What was the wast excited moment in your professional career?

"The one of the most amazing moment in my professional career has been to share with Canadian people they tought me! How important is to learn how to be have in my relations with the people".

  • Wath is your favorite food?

"Mi favourite food is broasted chicken and pastel de choclo".

  • What was your best time in life?

"When I was at the high school".

  • How is composed your family?

"I have mum alive, one turn-sister. I have a wephen and a lot cousius and nieces".